Mumbai Airport Quarantine Update

1) Passengers landing in Mumbai and their final destination is outside of Maharashtra, they shall be allowed to proceed only if they have RT-PCR test conducted within 72 hours of boarding the flight and the results are found to be negative.

2) If the transit passenger does not have the RT-PCR test report as Negative, the passenger may undergo the RT-PCR test at the airport itself.  Only after the results are received as Negative, he/she will be allowed to proceed to the final destination.

3) If the RT-PCR result turns out to be Positive, the passenger shall be admitted to the MCGM Hospital as per the standard protocol.

4) Passengers bound for Mumbai will be kept under Institutional Quarantine after arrival for 7 days.  RT-PCR test will be conducted only on the 7th day from the day of arrival at the respective hotels/institutional facility at their own cost.  If the report of the test is found negative, the passenger would be discharged from the institutional quarantine after 7 days with the advice of 7 days mandatory Home Quarantine – A total of 14 days quarantine is to be ensured.  If the test result is found positive, passengers will be shifted to be designated COVID-19 Hospital.  


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